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Lens Masters was founded in 1976.  Although we sell replacement products, we firmly believe we are a service industry.  Our motto has quickly become that "we specialize in impossible deadlines."  Our other claim to fame is that we don't have minimum orders.

Our main business is replacement lenses, louvers, wrap-around diffusers, tube guards, and globes.  We can also vacuum form, drape form, and custom cut your lenses to a specific size.  We are now pleased to announce that we stock Inter-Global Ballasts. 

We can provide many factory original parts as well as similar parts.  We have the ability to buy from the same companies original equipment manufacturers (O.E.M.) do.  This allows us to ship you the same factory part quickly and  cost effectively.  Also, if an O.E.M. discontinues a certain item, we have the capability of providing a close match.  This allows you, the consumer, of not having to replace the entire fixture.

Our other business focus is lamp and ballast recycling.  Lamps contain mercury which can no longer be thrown into landfills.  Ballasts and batteries contain PCBs and acid which aren't allowed in landfills either.  We have the ability to recycle lamps, ballasts, batteries, and complete fixtures so these chemicals will not make it into our water sources.   

We are located in St. Louis, MO.  We ship all parts and pick up lamps all over the country.  Our expert staff can assist you in identifying your product needs.